Crafterapy – hand lettering PART 2

Ok, so having read the books it was time to start playing. As it was coming up to Mother’s Day when I started this I tried playing around with different fonts and layouts.

All of these fonts came from Thy Doan Graves’ book (see my review in Hand Lettering Part 1). I love the one with the flowers in. At the time I wanted to digitise my Lettering, so decided perhaps this was too fancy for the moment.

Then the designing process took over. For Mother’s Day I have got my Mum wool and a crochet hook – it’s a hobby she had been expressing an interest in learning. So then I thought about designing something that was linked.

So the doodling began again…

I did try to digitise my idea, but found it difficult to print (my fight with technology will be covered in another post). So in the end I decided hand drawn was best. I stumbled across a Pinterest post about turning hand writing into fancy lettering. On following the link I found a lovely tutorial by Amy Latta Creations, which led me to experiment with a more natural style of Lettering for me.

So the finished project…

I’m rather pleased with this. It’s personal, and developing my skills. It’s by no means perfect, but not bad for a new skill. I hope Mum will like it as much.

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